Hydrogen Objective

Hydrogen to decarbonise industry and mobility and reindustrialise regions, through a grid capable of linking producers and consumers and contributing to the synergies between H2 and CO2.

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Hydrogen Objective

Hydrogen at a glance

As a light and abundant energy carrier, hydrogen (H2) has great economic and environmental potential.

Today, the challenge is to produce it on a massive scale using production methods that emit little or no greenhouse gases, in particular using renewable or low-carbon energies.

Hydrogen Objective

H2 to decarbonise and re-industrialise

Thanks to its potential, renewable, low-carbon hydrogen is emerging as one of the solutions to the problems of global warming and energy autonomy.

The development of this sector and its value chain on a large scale is therefore a priority lever for successfully completing the energy transition, opening up new economic prospects for the regions and strengthening security of supply.

Hydrogen Objective Hydrogen Objective

The H2 market: from local to European level

To guarantee a diversified, competitive and secure supply, we need to plan the development of renewable and low carbon hydrogen.

Driven by the need to decarbonise industry and mobility, the market is set to expand gradually by 2040, to meet local, national and European needs.

Hydrogen Objective

Teréga at the heart of the France 2030 H2 strategy

Transport and storage are crucial factors in the large-scale deployment of hydrogen.

As a gas infrastructure provider, Teréga is contributing to this deployment and its acceleration on its territory, both nationally and European-wide, through numerous projects, to link production centres to consumption points and guarantee security of supply.

Hydrogen Objective Hydrogen Objective

Teréga develops H2/CO2 synergy

Renewable, low-carbon hydrogen and CO2 capture, now make it possible to develop the H2-CO2 complementarities needed to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Teréga supports the region’s industrial and mobility activities through projects and solutions for the capture, storage and recovery of CO2 (CCUS - Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage), specifically in e-fuels.

Hydrogen Objective

Teréga innovates to deploy H2 and manage CO2

Large-scale deployment of hydrogen to decarbonise uses significantly will only be possible if logistics needs are planned well in advance.

With its know-how, expertise and R&I, Teréga is anticipating this energy turning point by preparing its infrastructures today to accommodate renewable, low-carbon hydrogen, as well as CO2 captured with a view to utilisation or storage.